Week 4 with dark therapy try II – one bad nigh

After last week’s late sleep times at the weekend the only goal for this week was to keep it together over the Friday and Saturday. I somewhat succeeded to do that.

Sleep times were slowly decreasing: 2:40, 2:15, 23:50! I would call the Thursday time a perfect result. Sleeping at midnight is something I think I would be 100% happy. Fryday 1:30 is not good itself but at weekend that is good too.

However, Saturday night fired a hard ball. I would call it a paroxysm of some kind. The symptoms were totally similar than last time some 7 weeks ago. At that time I called it “Old style DSPS night”. My mind wanders a lot when trying to sleep, but when this ‘attack’ starts everything I think will picture itself really vividly. It is almost like a state of self-hypnosis. I can wake but I don’t want to open my eyes. If I open my eyes I’m feeling fully awake, but as soon as I close my eyes they feel extremely heavy.

Short side note, there is a topic about visual thinking in Wikipedia one of the disabilities it names is Dyslexia. I can relate all the symptoms of dyslexia, except the main one, reading ability. On the contrary I’m very good reader, even though I don’t really know the order of alphabets by heart and I very much trust my remembering fingers and Word’s spelling to get the words right. Nothing to see here I guess, but better to remember, just in case.

Melatonin is known to increase vivid dreaming.

After about hour, hour and a half I forced myself up from the bed. At that point I was a bit exhausted. It took long time to relax. I made two shorter blindings 5 and 15 minutes and some 30 minutes just sat on the sofa. After that sleep came relatively fast. Just a note, repetitive movements were no help. Also like last time I felt hot even without the blanket. This reminds me that not long ago I was having heavy night sweats. I just don’t remember when they stopped. When I started blind therapy or when I lost lot of weight? In case that this is food related here is the difference compared to normal: E471, E450, E304. I have to look about what they are. (Update: They seem to be safe)

Nikki seems to share my feelings about DSPS and night sweats. Particlarly, when she says “Sleeping pills are a joke! They do absolutely nothing.” I started to laugh.

Next night (last night) I was quite cautious about going to bed. I made three blindings total 55 minutes and was a bit scared to go to bed, so I accidentally fell in sleep on the sofa 🙂 I chilled myself in the balcony also.

Oh my, too much reading is wrong. Here is an example. One of reasons for night sweats is hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is also known to create daydreams and it affects to sleep. LoL. So I have a hypoglycemia a word I did not know even to exist just 5 minutes ago 😉


I’m going to do exactly same food today than I did at Saturday: Mashed potatoes from powder, half can chili beans, grounded meat, kalamata olives and mayonnaise.

Hmm, I did not know. Triazolam can be used as a treatment for DSPS.

Another piece of info is that Sleep disordered breathing SDB, might result DSPS later on.

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